About Us

Why choose Axiom Care

We offer a variety of care services to seniors and adults with both physical and mild learning disabilities. Our services are customised to every individual through a Personal Care Plan and are provided by highly trained Care Givers who are the best in the business.

  • Our Clients receive the full time that they pay for, as we travel in our own time
  • Visits are never rushed – our preferred visit time is a minimum of one hour
  • Care Givers are carefully matched and, if time allows, introduced before they begin delivering care
  • We have a professional dress code but do not wear a uniform, as we recognise that some of our Clients would prefer a discreet service when we accompany them out and about in the local community
  • We are quick to react, vigilant in our duty of care and always aim to raise a smile
We don’t believe in 15-minute care visits

We don’t believe it’s possible to deliver quality care in a 15-minute visit, so we don’t offer them. Our preferred minimum care visit is 30 mins – and by that we mean a full 30 minutes in our own time, not yours. This allows us the time to listen to our Clients and get to know them well, to complete tasks properly and to observe any changes in their health or wellbeing and respond accordingly.
Our valued and professional Care Givers provide high quality and personalised care services, which allow you to live life independently in the comfort of your own home. Our wide range of services, along with our commitment to making a difference every day, ensures peace of mind for our Clients and their families.