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Domestic Support

If every day domestic tasks become too much for you to manage alone, our support workers are happy to lend a helping hand. We take care of thousands of people across England and Wales, and have over 20 years’ experience of helping people to carry on living as independently as possible in their own homes.

Domestic duties our support workers can assist with include:

  • Cleaning, laundry and ironing
  • Bed-making and changing sheets
  • Food and drink preparation
  • Help with shopping and excursions
  • Support to attend clubs, meals out and day-care centres
  • Making and assisting with telephone calls
  • Feeding and caring for pets

We can help you with these tasks and more besides – you just have to ask and we’ll do whatever’s possible. We don’t simply take over, we work with you, helping you to complete tasks yourself where possible, to keep you active and independent.

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